Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Reports

Assessing the environmental impact of investment proposals, in addition to regulatory requirements, it represents an approach of the investors to the environment and sustainable development. Therefore, the choice of making out an EIA team is essential for professional, independent and responsible work in the assessment. In this regard, we offer you not only the preparation of EIA, but professional help during the whole procedure, namely, full participation in all phases of the evaluation:

  • Assistance in formulating an investment proposal, including a detailed review of the chosen technology and compare its parameters with the Bulgarian and European legislation;

  • Comparison of selected technology with the best available technologies (BAT);

  • Comparison of the proposed technology with BAT in terms of consumption/use of resources and emissions of waste gas, wastewater, solid waste, in accordance with Art. 99a. of EPA (SG. 105/2008)

  • Description of the basic state of the environment in the region of the investment proposal realization;

  • Evaluation of the potential negative environmental impacts in the implementation of the investment proposal;

  • Proposals for measures to reduce negative impacts on the realization of the investment proposal on the environment;

  • Responses to questions, issues, views, opinions and comments during the consultations held with the affected community and the competent authority;


Environmental Impact Assessment Procedure


Preparation of notification of an investment proposal in accordance with Art. 4, par. 3 of the Ordinance


Preparation of information for assessing the need for EIA


Consultation and scoping of the EIA. Preparation of the EIA terms of reference - on the basis of Art. 95, par. 2 and 3 of the EPA


Preparation of EIA in accordance with Art. 11, par. 1 of the Ordinance


Preparation of presentation on EIA report for public discussion on the basis of Art. 17, par. 1, pt. 6 of the Ordinance


Issue an opinion on the proposals, recommendations, opinions and objections, as a result of public consultation on the basis of Art. 17, par. 5 of the Ordinance


Presentation of the EIA report to the members of the expert ecological council in RIEW/MEW, and defend the conclusions and proposed measures taken




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