Seveso Permits

In connection with the issuing of permissions, given by Art. 104 of the EPA, we offer a full range of services needed by enterprises with low or high risk potential, including:

  • Preparation of a notice of classification of an enterprise and/or facility;

  • Following the classification of an enterprise and/or facility, the company with low or high risk potential begins the preparation of the relevant documentation;

  • Preparation of a Report on policy for preventing major accidents, including:

  • Formulation of the general objectives and policies regarding the safe operation of the facility or enterprise;

  • Description of specific measures which the operator must take to reduce the risk of major accidents;

  • Description of the management system of safety measures;

    • Preparation of Report on safety, including:

  • Description of facilities, processes and activities in the enterprise and/or equipment;

  • Identification and assessment the risk of major accidents and preventive measures;

  • Description of measures and means for limiting the consequences of major accidents;

  • Preparation of information organization created to comply with the rules and regulations for fire safety;

  • Preparation of Emergency plan

In connection with the necessity of these documents, Sokolovski’s Environment also offers preparation of: Commandments of Fire Safety based on Ordinance І209; Procedure for identifying and assessing the risk of major accidents, Objectives and programs for safety, Procedure for emergency preparedness and capability response, audit and review of the management system of safety measures, evacuation plans, modelling of potential impacts of the expected occurrence of major accidents and others.

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