Waste Management

Sokolovski’s Environment offers various by the sense of coverage activities related to waste management:

  • Research and analysis of the morphology of the municipal solid waste (MSW) and choice of specific technological solutions in an integrated system for the treatment of MSW.

  • Development of Worksheets, according to Ordinance № 3 about classification of the waste /SG. 44 of 2004/ and coordination in RIEW;

  • Preparation of Program for waste management, according to Art. 29 of the Waste Management Act (WMA) /SG. 86 of 2003 / and in coordination with RIEW;

  • Preparation of Request for authorization for activities with waste within the meaning of Art. 37 of the WMA limits for implementation;

  • Development and coordination with the Department of Waste Management in RIEW of Reference Paper about waste generated by pattern according to the Ordinance 9/28.09.2004 about the order and models which provide information about the activities of waste, and terms for keeping the public register of permits issued, and the registration documents of closed sites and activities /SG 95 of 28.09.2004/;

  • Assistance to issue a Certificate to operate in ferrous and nonferrous metals in Art. 55 of the WMA;

  • Assistance to issue a Registration document for activities with hazardous waste under Art. 50 of the WMA;

  • Development and coordination of individual program for waste recovery;


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