Consulting and Analysis

We perform consulting work related to all aspects of environmental protection – from legal requirements and obligations, through voluntary initiatives and innovative proposals; qualitative and comprehensive consultations, concerning authorizations, approaches, terms and compatibility of procedures. Analysis of current problems, including detailed studies of the conditions, review of existing solutions and choosing the most suitable approaches to address them.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Reports

Assessing the environmental impact of investment proposals, in addition to regulatory requirements, it represents an approach of the investors to the environment and sustainable development. Therefore, the choice of making out an EIA team is essential for professional, independent and responsible work in the assessment.

Environmental Assessment (EA) Reports

Environmental assessment (EA) is mandatory for plans and programs in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, transport, energy, waste management, water management and industries, including mining of mineral resources, electronic communications, tourism, spatial planning and land use, when these plans and programs outline the framework for future development...

Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Applications

Each application for integrated permit should contain the information required by the Ordinance on procedures for issuing integrated permits for new constructions and operation of existing industrial plants and equipment. The main regulations that relate to industrial activities in Annex 4 of the Environmental Protection Act.

Seveso Permits

In connection with the issuing of permissions, given by Art. 104 of the EPA, we offer a full range of services needed by enterprises with low or high risk potential, including...

Life Cycle Assessment

Life cycle assessment (LCA) involves the evaluation of environmental aspects of a product or service system through all stages of its life cycle (i.e. extraction, processing, transportation, manufacturing, distribution, use, re-use, recycling, and/or waste treatment). It represents a rapidly emerging family of tools and techniques designed to help in environmental management and, in a longer term, in sustainable development.

Modelling the Environmental Impact

Modelling the impact on the environment is a general term, implying the mathematical modelling and computer simulation of pollutant dispersion in the air and waters, and also can give an assessment of the expected environmental impacts as a result of large industrial accidents that may occur.

To assess the environmental impacts, Sokolovski’s Environment uses as approved by MEW methodologies and software packages...

Modelling the Effects of a Major Accident

To assess the risk and determine the parameters of the event, performance or spreading of the emergency situations, specialized computer software is used, by initiating specific values for the type of hazardous substances, equipment, weather conditions.

European Scheme for Emissions Trading

Directive 2003/87/EC introduces European Trading Scheme allowances of greenhouse gases within the Community. Trading with quotas is the main instrument for implementing Community obligations under the Kyoto Protocol. European scheme for emissions trading requires all operators within the scheme to have a "Permit for emissions of greenhouse gases”.

Waste Management

Sokolovski’s Environment offers various by the sense of coverage activities related to waste management...

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